Are you frustrated having gone through the painstaking process of filling out the online questionnaires to request a quote for specific work you need done, only to be forwarded to a list of contractors that either don't do the work you are requesting, simply do not respond or do not show up to give you a quote?

All of this can become quite intimidating.  

You know that you need to have work done to maintain your biggest investment, your home. However, you have no idea what a reasonable price for that work actually should be. Unfortunately, you are left to rely on whatever contractor may happen to come out and give you a quote. 

"will this end up costing me a few hundred, a few thousand or many thousands of dollars? " 
Did you ever just want to know, "how much should I expect to pay for this work to be done?" We are here to answer that for you! We will show you what work your project entails and what the industry standard costs are, so you can figure out if the work you want done fits within your budget. 

The Bear is here to take all of the guesswork out of this process.

The Bear Home Repair Network is here to help relieve your angst, so you can put your anxiety to rest. We will actually come out to you, show you what needs to be done, and most importantly, provide you with an industry standard quote along with the contractor who will fulfill it.

Here is what makes us different from the other Home Repair and Improvement referral service providers:

  • We are NOT the typical referral service who will just take homeowners' information, places it in a database, then sells the information it to any contractor willing to pay for a name, address and phone number. 
  • We have the knowledge to be able to come out, assess your needs, then provide you with a quote of what the industry standards are for the work you are requesting.  
  • We then match you with the contractor in our network who best suits your needs, budget and scheduling. 
  • If we don't have a contractor within our network to fit your needs and budget, we will find one who does. Then, at your request, we will forward your information on to them and you will have the information you need, from us, of what your quote should be.
We would love the opportunity to assist you.

Do you need assistance with:
  • Gutter work.. Gutters / Gutter Repair / Gutter Protection
  • Concrete Coatings for your Garage / Patio 
  • Carpentry
  • General Handyman Services
  • Decking
  • Roofing
  • Windows

We are looking forward to serving you in the highest manner.